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I like to periodically do a show with just Matt and I.  We spent the first 20 minutes doing a Q&A with the questions you submitted.  The rest was some really deep and vulnerable stuff. I was a little nervous to share everything, but I’m glad I did!  Matt also offers a lot of great insight.

The questions we answered:

Since you do a lot of longer endurance type races and train with TrainerRoad, what is your main focus?  Is power building a benefit or hindrance to the endurance/stamina you need for a longer ride?  I would love a FTP of 400 watts, but…would I be better off training at 2-4 hours/ride @ 150 watts for 100 miler training?


I would love to hear about any efforts you make specifically with regards to aging – e.g. maintaining bone mass density, agility, strength, speed, and – oh – grace and humor!


how do you choose a bike race


what made you decide to start a plant based diet, did you have any issues


how do you feel about e bikes

A powerful journal entry about how I actually felt before the start of my first race this year (around 30 min mark)


Mentioned in the show: How I Deal with Self-Doubt

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Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Q&As that you submitted
  • vulnerability
  • what it’s like to deal with pressure

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