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Waiting in Cedar City…

By January 26, 2009March 22nd, 20179 Comments

Well, we tried to leave St. George today. The snow forecasted for the entire route of our drive was not promising. In fact, we only made it about 10 miles out of town before it started to snow, and conditions got progressively worse. Unfortunately, we were rolling down I-15 at 25-30 mph with very low visibility. Not the best of luck for a 10 hour drive…

That would be the interstate.

So, Jeff and I decided to find a coffee shop and wait for awhile. They are forecasting about 10 inches of snow here, but conditions seem to be improving way up the road. We are trying to decide whether we should keep going, or stay here for the night.

So… we will drink our bean juice and play on our laptops for a bit.

Bottoms Up!

I tell ya, sitting in here is actually mentally harder than the ride yesterday. Why? Because they are playing Kenny G and smooth jazz. Make it stop!!! That is enough to make me go looney.


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