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WE WON!!!!

By February 16, 20097 Comments

Yes. After trading off the first 12 hours, my body shut down on me (that’s what I get trying to race with a sinus infection). However, The guys pulled through the last 12 hours of the night as a 3 man team after my stupid body stopped working and they did AWESOME and even increased our lead. We are in a hotel in Santa Fe tonight and will be back home tomorrow. Woohoo!

I looked through the results out of curiosity and about fell over in my chair. The first lap was the fastest for almost everyone. Turns out my first lap was only 3 min slower than Kelli Emmett (on a singlespeed….wow…she was singlespeed world champ) and 2 min slower than Katie Compton (cyclocross world champ). I guess that’s not too bad for being sick and not having done openers. I suppose I shouldn’t beat myself up so much. 17 miles in 1 hr 9 min.

Yuki also turned over the 4th fastest men’s lap right behind Sam Schultz, Nick Stevens, and Brian Alders. Pretty damn awesome if you ask me. 17 miles in 59 minutes is smokin’.

Dave and Jeff also did super awesome, riding sub 1 hr 10 min laps for almost the entire race. I am lucky to have such amazing teammates. Thanks team, you are the best. Also, thanks to everyone for cheering us on!!! 🙂

More tomorrow…. AND PICTURES!


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