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By February 8, 2007One Comment

Seriously. I feel like a high school boy at the prom. The weather is a tease. It won’t make up its mind. So snow, all week last week. You’ve seen the pictures. Tuesday… 63 degrees(not that I’m complaining) and 40s the rest of the week. next week… MORE snow. and yes, I’m obsessed with the forecast. I check the weather many times a day. My roommate IMs me to ask me the weather 😉

I was really happy the day it was 63. I started climbing for the year. Obviously due to the weather, it won’t happen very often until probably next month (which is good anyway). However, I put that 42-25 on my cross bike (and I’m used to climbing with my road bike which is 39-27). I felt really strong. The first climbs of the year always cripple me, and for probably many reasons, I’m feeling really good. I think I finally am getting my “cycling legs,” the bike fit is HUGE (it has made an incredible difference), and other reasons unknown to me.

If you are a competitive cyclist, I STRONGLY recommend a bike fit. My riding has changed a lot… my pedal stroke is way more efficient (from the EMG at veloswap), and my power has increased quite a bit. I can’t wait to race.

Another realization- endorphins (if you get enough from any sport) can be analogous to the feeling of being in love. I could never pinpoint exacty what the feeling was I got when climbing a hill on a sunny day, or running some sweet trails, but that is it!

One Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    dude, forget the iming…what weather should i expect when i get back to boulder? it’s effin cold in ny and i want some colorado sunshine!!!!!! -lizzle dinwizzle

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