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Wet Weather, Heavy Legs.

By May 2, 2009One Comment

A bunch of my photos got deleted from Flickr, hence the confusion in my blog posts. Please bear with me with this technical problem. boooooo. SUCK!

First order of business. I GOT A NEW SEAT!!!! They are sooo sooo cool looking, and super duper light. The Terry (not USA Terry) saddle has carbon rails, and a carbon body…oh, and the rails are Ergon green!

See photos to come.

This is the 5th consecutive wet weekend here in the Front Range of Colorado. Fortunately instead of big rain drops, it was more misting with heavy fog.

I was super thankful to have my Topeak Fenders! They are awesome and kept water from spraying up all over me. The only water was from the sky, and it was clean!

I will post photo later, it got deleted! ugh.

I long for the day when Ergon releases some road products. My shit hurts!

My Endura Stealth jacket kept me warm and dry. I’m not sure if I have mentioned our new team helmets as you can see here. I have never used a Cratoni helmet before. It is INSANELY light (210g, less than .5 lbs), and the vents keep your head nice and cool (which was useful at Sea Otter). Functionally, I love my new helmet, and it looks really cool too!!

The lower elevations were rainy and wet…

(Again, photo got deleted. ugh)

Higher elevations were really foggy, and a bit higher than that were dry roads and light clouds.

4 hours/65 miles in the saddle. I was supposed to do some endurance race pace efforts for a couple hours, but my sustained power was not happening. At a pace and effort that I can sustain for 4 hours, my legs loaded up, got heavy, and never came back. It was beautiful in the canyon, so I kept going for awhile longer, and headed back home. I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic today. I know how I felt the weekend after the Ouachita. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!

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