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By April 12, 2005No Comments

Sweet! Now I won’t really have to write anyone emails, they can just read it here. Well, for those of you who I have been a CRAPPY friend to, I do that at times, here’s what’s going on.

GRAD SCHOOL. Ahhhh, the anticipation and stress. My choices are narrowed down to 2 schools: UNC and CU. I have visited both and both are very nice! UNC has offered me a combination of fellowship and RA to total $26,500 for next year. The degree would be called biomedical engineering. I visited CU this past weekend. It was a great time, except that I got stuck in the blizzard of 2005. Nice! I liked the school and they are trying to get me funding. This degree would be called electrical engineering with biomedical focus. Okay…

The trip itself was really fun! Adam and I drove there and got everything paid for. I was allowed $30 perdium, so we were milking it for all we were worth. I have to say, the food in Boulder is GREAT!!!! We had a variety from crepes to burritos. MMMMM That alone is a reason to go there! HA! Poor Adam was stuffed every day. haha Breakfast at the hotel was FREE…they had granola and such. However, the last day, they didn’t have granola. We looked over at the breakfast bar to see three jaba the huts standing in a line and thought, “If there IS any granola left, we ain’t gettin any!” Friday was spent inteviewing with professors with no break! I was exhausted by the time I got to go back to the hotel, but hopefully I put on a good act. Really, it is EXHAUSTING to act all day long! Sheesh!

Boulder has a LOT of cool outdoor stores. We went in The North Face and there was this chode girl…daddy’s little princess. She said on her cell phone, “I am going to Vail so I need a new jacket.” A new jacket?? She either went the whole winter without a good jacket or needed to make a new fashion statement with daddy’s money. As we were leaving, we saw her getting into her cliche Jeep Liberty. We also went into this store called Neptune. It was established by some crazy mountaineer guy who had his frostbitten toe in formaldehyde for everyone else to see. The rest of the trip was spent making references to “the toe.”

Saturday, I got a 4 hour ride in with some fast people and got my ass hammered. That’ll bring your ego down a notch or two! We were supposed to leave Sunday but woke up to a blizzard, and all the highways were closed. I thought I was in Albuquerque for a minute…such a sudden change in weather. Monday was nice, we got a ride in before we left.

The drive back was actually rather eventful. The roads seemed to be cleared, but Adam all of a sudden started yelling, “LOOK !!!” Behind us, a car had hydroplaned across the highway. Fortunately no one was hurt. I guess that person didn’t know how to drive. Out by San Felipe Casino, there was this freak behind us, just riding our tail. Adam got the angst…he gets the rage in the car. He started slowing down to 50 mph, and the guy slowed down. Then, Adam sped up to 90 and the guy sped up. He was SO annoying…we saw some other cars and passed them hoping to be rid of the leech. All of a sudden, he was behind us again. Fortunately, he passed us and was onto another poor soul. It was crazy to watch– the car would change lanes back and forth and the leech was right on him. The car passed a semi pretty close and the leech almost cut off the semi to the point where he could’ve been hit. Serves him right. What is WRONG with people like that?? In the leech car, I saw a guy with a bandanna tied around his head and two other freaks.

Well, that’s all I want to say for now. Looking forward to my mountain bike ride later. GIT IT.

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