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Dr. Joel Kahn is a mover and shaker. He is known as “America’s Healthy Heart Doc”, a title given to him by Reader’s Digest Magazine  He is a holistic cardiologist with his own clinic based in Detroit (Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity) which he founded because hospitals do not have a high enough standard for taking care of patients.   A lot of hospitals have notably unhealthy food, and food is one of the most powerful medicines we put in our bodies. He has treated thousands of heart attack patients with diet and lifestyle.  He has also written 5 books and over 100 research papers. He also opened 2 restaurants “Green Space Cafe”  and 1 food truck that all serve healthy, whole foods plant-based meals. I actually ate at the food truck he owns in Austin on my last trip there and only after eating there did I discover he was the founder!  He regularly speaks on shows like The Doctors and Dr. Oz and is often pitted against Keto and Paleo experts.

Dr. Kahn is inspiring with his how he applies his energy to help people find optimal health across his multiple businesses.  He is also very active on his instagram account.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • how he changed his diet by accident as a teenager
  • what is credible information
  • does fasting work?
  • tips for changing your diet to plant-based
  • resources for getting started on a whole foods, plant-based diet
  • why keto is bad for you

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