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What is a Thought?

By March 15, 2021May 30th, 2023No Comments

Human behavior- such an interesting and complex topic.  Behavior is how our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions are manifested in the real world.  We need thoughts and feelings to figure out what we really want, but behavior is the action that gets us there. Sometimes thoughts and feelings get in the way of our behavior and create resistance to action.

So how are thoughts, behaviors and emotions linked and how do we make them work for us? We will always have thoughts, but we have the power to be intentional about where our thoughts go. We can choose to focus our thoughts on something. With our attention and intention, our thoughts can become more productive.  We will never stop thinking, but the awareness around our thoughts is powerful. 

Another “thought” to add to this topic is what IS a thought?  In one of my meditations last week, we were asked to see if we could notice the very beginning of a thought.  The interesting thing is that the thought tends to drift away as soon as you notice it.  

Joseph Goldstein says, “Thoughts have no substance at all. They have no power at all except for the power that we give them. And we give them a great deal of power when they are unnoticed.”  I also would add that if thoughts have also have a great deal of power with intention.

Tying It All Together

Many times, thoughts create feelings.  Feelings and thoughts can drive our behavior.  The awareness of what is going on can help us create the behavior that we want.  Our behaviors also affect how we think and feel.  Ever notice how getting enough sleep or going out for a bike ride make you think and feel differently than when you don’t take care of yourself?

All of this reinforces the idea in my newsletter a couple weeks ago.  Behavior is what helps change our mood. We can talk ourselves out of doing just about anything.  I posted on instagram last week how I was so tired and unmotivated to get out the door. Instead of thinking and feeling, I told myself to just start getting dressed, get down the stairs, and out the door.  Turns out I felt great once I got out and even better the rest of the day. 

That’s why I keep this reminder and mantra: SHOW UP.

Remember- Motivation… thoughts… feelings… all follow action and behavior. Not the other way around.  And also, the awareness of your thoughts gives you more space in your mind. 

The only power thoughts have is the power that we give them.

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