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What I've been up to

By January 10, 2008March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Albuquerque and the Sandias

I’m back to blogging after a little break. Okay, so last update was that I was really sick. I left to ABQ a few days after that for the holidays on a Wed. The antibiotics were finally working and I was feeling good. A week later I went for an easy ride. It was great to be home- dry, cold, and sunny which is great for winter riding (although I prefer warmer weather!) It was so great to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. Christmas day rolled around, a mere 2 days after I finished my 10 days of antibiotics and my throat started hurting again. I knew what was happening. I had a fever all night and a 102 fever the next day AND a sinus cold which I am just now getting over. I was feeling bad, but not even close to what I had experienced before. The CU Health Center was closed, but fortunately I had the number of the specialist I had seen at the hospital. He told me that the RNP at CU didn’t give me a strong enough dose of antibiotics, and he was going to double the dosage and put me on more penicillin for 14 days. In a few days I was feeling back to normal again. I rode the entire last week I was home and put in a good 17 hour training week. It was great to do all my favorite road rides around Albuquerque since last year it was way too snowy and icy to ride anywhere! I don’t have a road bike yet, so I’ve been riding my mountain bike on the road- slow going, but still nice. Even though I was on antibiotics for 24 days, I still had a very enjoyable December and felt really close to my friends and family.

While I was home, some fun things I did:

-worked on my car…yeah, I drove all the way to ABQ from Denver and it died in the next day in the street in front of my parents’ house. Fortunately my dad is a genius at everything and helped me fix the tough old bastard.

My stupid starter was way down at the bottom of the engine meaning lots of taking it apart.

-had the best new year’s ever. Some friends had a party complete with a bagpipe and guitar band…followed by lots of fireworks in the street, Mason playing Auld Lang Syne on the pipes, people belligerent and drinking champagne out of pint glasses, and some very nice New Year’s kisses. 😉

First I went to a party with all our family friends with my parents

My doting parents

and then my kind of party!!

Some very fun people!

me and Jeff. No alcohol was consumed for any of these photos! 😉

More fun people

-lots of eating and quality time with the fam.

The Looneys can never seem to keep their mouths shut.

My sweet and innocent mom
and her crazy children


My awesome, happy go lucky, fun grandma. and she’s so cute too!!

Grandpa and Brian. The coolest Grandpa ever.

presents… after champagne.

ladies in red

political debate at the dinner table followed by arm wrestling. yes, I got dominated by both my dad and brother.

-lots of nice times with friends enjoying dark beer…particularly at Chama River Brewing company.

Jeff can give his medical expertise, even in a bar. 🙂

Cody and Brian. See, I told you the Looneys always have their mouth open.

I got back to Boulder this past Monday. It was cold and gloomy that day, but it’s gotten better. I had to ride in a stupid snow-storm yesterday, but today was nice. It’s a little chilly here, but I’m still able to get out and ride. No trainer-prison yet. Right now I’m doing long hours at a medium to low intensity to build up my base. I’m looking forward to getting my Cannondale road bike (not to mention my mountain bike). The bikes are so nice! I also planned my first mountain bike appearance of the year– Nova Norba National is going to bit! I booked my plane ticket tonight! I can’t wait!

It’s weird to think that I’m done with my master’s degree. No more engineering school for me! 🙂 yes! It’s also sinking in that I’m actually riding for Cannondale next year. Other than that, I’m working about 28 hours/week at Sunflower Solar, riding, and sleeping. Good times! Things are going very well and I’m very happy. :

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