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Whiskey 50 tomorrow

By April 24, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

Yesterday, Mr. Kerkove and I arrived in Prescott Arizona.  We did a short ride, covering just the first 8 miles or so of the course.


I am excited to be back to mountain singletrack.  Nothing  beats the smell of fresh pine trees and earth.  I did this race awhile back when I was still wet behind the ears, so it will be interesting to see how it goes this time.

Todd Sadow at Epic Rides does a GREAT job with the races he promotes.  The courses are always fun and they are organized.  We had a blast at his race 24 Hours of Old Pueblo. Thanks for your hard work Todd!  I think it’s easy to forget how much hard work, time, and effort goes into putting on a race.


Some course info.

Whiskey 50

Rocking some socks Crank Brothers gave me a few days ago. Rock on!

I think the plan will be to mimic what I did at Sea Otter and hopefully be starting to spread my wings at the halfway point. Course stats are 50 miles, 7180′ of climbing, welcomed pain and suffering, and a stacked women’s field.

See you at the finish!


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