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Who says backpacking is for hikers?

By August 31, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Adam and I kind of decided on a whim to take a mid-week camping trip. It was pretty fun and fantastic to be in a tent again. I miss those days… I’m going to live in one for a month or more next summer. YES! Anyway, we went to White Ranch and there were some campgrounds, but you can’t drive to them. instead of hiking, we rode bikes there…and up some hills. It HURT. my pack was probably like 40 lbs, and Adam’s was 75 or 80. I could barely even put his on, and he made all the steep hills too. Amazing. There were some people in the parking lot who were shaking their heads at us in disbelief. You gotta be epic.

Adam’s pack….whoa! I’m gonna fall over and be like a turtle on its back!

My pack…looks like an Xmas tree with various camping ornaments

There’s a little man under that backpack!

Eassssy does it. steady girl, steady.

Pack ‘er up

Cookies anyone?

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