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What if I told you that there is an entire segment of training that maybe you’ve never considered?  When I first moved to Kelowna, I was introduced to Dr. Andrew Sellars.  Dr. Sellars is an anesthesiologist as well as a sports physiology expert.  He also is co-founder of Balance Point Racing.  When I did my first physiology assessment with Balance Point, I realized that everything I thought I knew about training and had learned from some of the top sports institutions in the US was very limited.  The crazy thing that a lot of the assessments are still done using a very old method of measuring all of your physical systems.  Balance Point taught me that there are many more factors at play.  For example, instead of wondering my wattage was low when I tired, I learned exactly what it was about my body that made me unable to generate higher power – things like how much oxygen was in my muscle, if my heart itself was tired, or if my respiratory system was tired.   There’s a lot of incredibly important and useful knowledge in this episode if you’re interested in taking your training up a notch!

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Andrew’s background and how he became a doctor
  • What Andrew learned through mentorship with Juerg Feldmann
  • What is a Balance Point Assessment?
  • Why the respiratory system is an integral part of fitness
  • how to train your respiratory system

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