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Negotiation is a skill and something we can all practice.  I was never particularly interested in negotiation until my entire income became based on how well I could negotiate. The first year was intimidating and to be honest, I still get nervous. I wanted to know the rules and how the experts did it. I’ve read a few books on negotiation, but my favorite one is called Never Split the Difference.  The book is written by a brilliant man named Chris Voss. Chris Voss is the FBI’s former lead international kidnapping negotiator.  When he negotiated, peoples’ lives were on the line.  In addition to being an author and former FBI negotiator, Chris regularly lectures on negotiation and is the CEO of Black Swan Group.  He has spoken at business schools across the country and has also been seen on ABC, CBS, CNN, Forbes and more.In his book, he wrote about anecdotes from his career, the tools he used in order to be successful and how it can be applied to any situation. There are some very direct and easy to implement strategies you can start using immediately after listening to this show.  I strongly encourage you to read the book because this episode will be a great supplement to the information. The way Chris negotiates is all about listening, knowing how and what questions to ask, creating value for both parties, and even how to tell if someone is lying.  He also tells us the one question you can ask to get someone to respond to your email and how to get out of a speeding ticket.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • how Chris became a negotiator
  • defining tactical empathy
  • the 3 types of negotiators
  • getting to no before getting to yes
  • how to phrase a question
  • how to say no
  • the power of silence
  • real life examples for getting a raise, getting out of a speeding ticket and more!

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