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Winter Park…ready to ROLL!

By August 4, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Race report coming up….Going riding now so later!

Spencer took us to the race. When he pulled up, B.Fuentes says, “Oh, did you borrow your mom’s car? The ‘ol grocery getter?” It’s the pimp race machine…you can take the kids to soccer practice and then take it to the bike race. …a grocery getter of many uses.

The horn on this thing played a pirate song!! When Spencer honked it in a tunnel, we were all surprised…and when he honked at an old jammer to give up his parking spot, that worked too.

Look at Collin’s suuuuwweeeet callick. NICE! Must have been getting down!

LOOK! The girl’s gone wild bus!!!. ooo mama.

Everyone meet Grandpa Fuentes. These sweet shades are for the real deal. You can really mac on some chics with this secret weapon.

Random pic I forgot to throw in earlier. This is my thing…on trips, I go in store and try on the most ridiculous things I can find and take photos. This was in Wausau, WI. These Wisconsin folk are STYLIN with the jacket and the choobaca slippers. Those are hot man. Heeeeeyyy baby!

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