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I got a bike fit with laser precision last week, and man, is it going to make me so much faster(I hope)!!! It’s a very scientific process using matlab where you and your bike are fit in space. The person doing the fit measures all your bones and the bike, and effectively gets it all into a position to the mm where you need to be. There were some major changes done to my position. The seat was moved from all the way back to all the way forward, and I need a new seatpost, different size stem, different size handlebars, and a new seat(mine was crushed!). The following day at Veloswap(this big bike convention in Denver), me and a couple of my teammates did demonstrations of this bike fit with an EMG (electromyograph). Electrodes are hooked up to 4 different muscle groups in your leg and a computer program shows the contractions. You then learn how to pedal most efficiently so each muscle group is contracting at its optimum level. I changed half my pedal-stroke as well. Here are some photos. It was funny because there were like 20 people watching. They wanted me to wear my 24 hr stars and bars jersey. Veloswap itself was total mayhem. I think everyone in the greater denver area was there and you could barely move. This wobble-naught technology is very cool and definitely worth it. This guy(Tom) was here to train Nat Ross to do these fits, so if you are interested in getting one, go to or contact Nat at You can also go to for more info.

Veloswap madness

Me trying to adjust my pedal stroke to be most efficient

It got tiring after awhile because I wasn’t used to using my muscles in that position. the man there is Tom, the founder/inventor of wobble-naught.

Checking out the numbers….

During the weekend, there was a strawbale workshop for one of Brian’s houses that is being built. Volunteers come and put strawbales in the frame. It’s extremely efficient and aesthetic for the insulation and walls, and it’s very green and environmental. For more on strawbale and modern, green architecture, go to Brian’s website:

I should have taken more pictures… maybe I’ll go by this week and take a few more. It looks really cool. The next phase is putting earthen plaster over the bales.

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