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Last year, I went to the Bicycle Leadership conference and discovered that Bicycling Magazine appointed a new Editor-in-Chief, a female Editor-in-Chief, Leah Flickinger.  I was excited to see that one of cycling’s biggest publications had a female at the top of their leadership.  I did more research into who was working at the magazine and noticed something exciting – over half the team was comprised of females.  In the bike world, empowering women to ride and to work in the industry is a common topic.  I was excited to see that Bicycling took the reins and actually did what a lot of businesses say they are going to do: create equal opportunity for women.   When Leah was appointed, she was quoted in BRAIN Magazine, “Cycling in general is becoming more diverse in terms of gender, race, and age. I’m thrilled to lead the Bicycling team as we reflect this growth while continuing to expand the gear and fitness content our existing readers know and love.”

We also have Bicycling’s Features Editor, Gloria Liu on the show. I met Gloria before I even know she worked at Bicycling – she stood on top of the Enduro Podium every day at the Transsylvania Epic Stage Race.  I later found out that she worked at Bicycling as well!  It was great to connect with these two very inspiring women.

As a long-time freelance writer myself, I often get questions about how I started, how to be a writer, and how to even pitch to magazines.  I thought that instead of just giving my 2 cents, I’d bring in true literary acumen to the microphone. In the show, you’ll get to hear how both of these women got into cycling, how they became writers – it might not be what you expect to hear, how to pitch a story to magazine, a little behind the scenes of Bicycling Magazine, and our commentary on the bike industry and how to encourage more female leadership and participation.

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Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • How they got into writing
  • How they got started at Bicycling
  • how Bicycling is different from other cycling publications, how it really encourages people in the sport
  • editor in chief role and what that meant to Leah, what types of changes she wanted to make
  • how Gloria changed from finance to being a writer in the bike world
  • the role of female leadership at Bicycling
  • bike industry females, females in male dominated environments and navigating that
  • how to pitch to a magazine
  • how to actually become a writer
  • most inspiring story from Bicycling



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