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WYH Wednesday

By December 17, 2008March 22nd, 201711 Comments

WYH = wear your helmet.  I saw multiple people today out riding on the bike path and ICE with no helmet.  When I was 8, I refused to ride my bike because my dad would make me wear a helmet, but now I am older and hopefully wiser, and I wear my helmet everywhere. Even to the grocery store. 😉  Ok, maybe not that crazy, but I wear it commuting or to ride down the road.  I understand it’s cold, but you can fit your beanie under your helmet… I do.  My helmet has literally saved my life more than once, so come on people, it doesn’t make you look pro or cool to ride around like that…. especially on ice.

Winter, as I have been complaining, is here in full force.  I thought this was a pretty scene on my ride today…


Some days I double chami (you know, the padded bike shorts for those of you not down with the lingo) it.  My cycling shorts are all too big… my friends make fun of me for it, but that is what I have right now.  I’ll have new kits in a couple months, so I just gotta deal for now.  I noticed that when I double chami, it holds the pair underneath in place and my crotch won’t die.  I figured out that is why my crotch died that day we rode 9 hours to Winter Park.   Then I thought…I need Chami-spenders with wicked flames on them. 🙂  Like I need these …. or maybe ones with skull and crossbones!

I have felt pretty exhausted this week, so I am thankful for the recovery rides and tomorrow, I get a rest day.  YEEEEEHAAA!  I am heading to the Querque on Saturday for the holidays.  Looking forward to some new routes.  I have a 30 hour training week coming up and am debating going back home for that week.  There are not enough flat winter rides around here, and if i do the same ride every day, I may go crazy (notice I didn’t say Looney)… especially if it’s 20 degrees out every day, or shudder, I have to ride the flippin trainer.


  • D. says:

    Love your blog… normally. I often ride sans helmet. Funny, mostly road. Never w/o off it. It’s your blog and your politics, but you should know there are many of us (nice people no less) on the other side. Patiently waiting for your next post on religion. 🙂 Please re-read the first three words in this comment.

  • Brian Stevens says:


    My first ride ever on a moutain bike was with out a helmet. I crashed and received a skull fracture that paralized one side of my face for a month, mean while hoping that movement would come back, the doctors weren’t sure if it would. SO I vote for allways wearing a helmet when riding your bike.

  • RSTEVE says:

    No helmet = dum..The other side of what ??

  • sonya says:

    D.– Uhhh. no… I stay away from politics, religion etc. 🙂 Everyone is entitled to your own opinion… including about wearing a helmet. Some of my very good friends don’t wear a helmet when they ride. I just know what my experiences have been and feel like it’s an insurance policy. -like some people choose to have health insurance some don’t (in this country anyway) Also, I didn’t say you’re a bad person if you don’t wear a helmet, you are just taking a risk, it’s just a risk that I, personally, don’t want to take. That is all.

  • Matt says:

    Hellmitts r fur dos who un huv no dain bramage.

  • Big Dave says:

    If you don’t have health insurance ….or even if you do…and you crack your noggin’ while NOT wearing a helmet, you should be left on the side of the road for the vultures.

    Those who don’t wear helmets make themselves succeptible to TBI which ends up costing all of us more money if you have insurance or not.

    I guess it’s no biggie. McDonald’s made their cash registers with picture symbols just so ‘tards who cracked their skulls while skating or biking w/o a helmet.

    Preach girl preach.

  • Sven says:

    I have loaded a person in a helicopter who chose to ride a bike path without a helmet for a ride to denver. He was coocoo for cocoa puffs! Why risk it?

  • Don says:

    Hey “D”…be careful…that’s not your riding partner you hear behind your rear wheel…it’s Darwin…and he’s driving a 4000lb SUV. 😉

  • Carney says:

    “A total of 696 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles in 2007….Ninety-two percent of bicyclists killed in 2007 reportedly weren’t wearing helmets.”

    Seems like common sense to me!

  • Tom says:

    If a 4000 lb SUV hits you from behind, guess what? A helmet ain’t gonna help. Ever.

    I got hit by a car. Wasn’t wearing a helmet. My head never touched the car, or the ground. My shoulder on the other hand, got messed up really bad. Do they sell helmets for shoulders? That being said, most of the time, I wear a helmet, sometimes, I don’t. Although not very often. I also noticed that Sonya, in most of her riding pictures, it shows her wearing an iPod. That’s a lot more dangerous than NOT wearing a helmet. I’m just saying…

  • If only this post were new, I could grab some popcorn and watch the fallout…

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