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By September 15, 2012March 22nd, 20172 Comments

We got the brand new super HD Epic Cams in the mail the other day. Jeff and I were asked to go make a video for the Interbike booth. Naturally, it had to be epic with big views. Unfortunately, we got our first cold front of the fall in Colorado meaning one thing – snow up high.

Jeff and I are a little screwy in the head. We decided that even though the mountain we were going to ascend was white on top, it’d be business as usual. After all, we went up toward Mosquito Pass in Leadville back in February. What’s a little snow?!

Mt Bross was on the agenda for the day. It’s not a super burly 14er… most of the 14ers accessible by bike (e.g. NOT wilderness area) are not too crazy as far as terrain is concerned. What made it tough was the altitude, and Vapor Trail fatigue in our legs. We parked up the road from Alma, CO and started up.

I’ll admit, I did not have the best day on the bike. My legs weren’t really burning, but they simply lacked power. I was really feeling the altitude. The road was very steep. I think we went 3000′ up in 5 miles including hike-a-bike in the snow! I actually had the most fun when we got up past 13,000′. The snow wasn’t too crazy – maybe 5 inches or so. It was windy and cold at the top – a reminder that grumpy grandpappy winter is around the corner.

For sale? I’ll take it!

Deceivingly hard

Up high

Bike carry.



Tadasana(Mountain Pose) on a mountain

Garmin reading!

Panorama at the top

Here is a video Jeff put together. He and I both shot video footage with our cameras.


Cruising down! Jeff was on his 6 inch Canyon Strive and I was on my 29er Canyon Al hardtail.

That was my fourth time above 14,000′ on my bike this year! Stoked !!!!


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