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Yak Attack: Stage 3

By March 26, 2012March 22nd, 2017No Comments

This one will come directly from my travel journal. All the guys were teasing me for writing pages upon pages in a journal, but I’m glad I did! There would be way too many details that I’d forget!

Stage 3. Dhading – Gorkha

We didn’t get much of a warm-up today! the start went uphill. My legs were pretty loaded, so I started a little slower until they came around. I ended up having a really great day on the bike and was actually motoring along in the ig ring! The first climb was more gradual and goof for my style. The DH was through some pretty trees. It was rough, but not nearly as bad as other days. Cefin blew by me in a dust cloud with Gareth not far behind. I overtook them a little later on a short climb. The suspension bridge was really cool, like Indiana Jones or something and the water was really blue. The last climb was long and pretty steep…and hot. I felt strong and kept taking gels. I caught Santosh and we went back and forth for awhile. I also caught Matey Mate Paul, and he took off. I chose not to chase because I thought we still had 5 miles to go. I sat up to each and Santosh passed me as well. Unfortuantely, the finish was only a mile away, but we all finished within a minute of each other. I moved into 9th overall after this stage.


We made it to Gorkha – the old capital of Nepal.


This was actually in Dhading

I loved Paul’s stem mojo. Brilliant.

Bamboo scaffolding

Nepali tea is really good, but this makes me think the milk is really fatty. Regardless, they put sugar and milk and it’s absolutely delicious.

Stage 4 next!

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