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YE, I'm alive

By July 15, 2005No Comments

Well, I’m back from the land of the stinky and hairy! 🙂 Europe was a great time.. maybe if you’re lucky I will write about it sometime and show some pics! Overall it was such a great experience although I am very happy to be back in da Querque where there are mountains, open space, my very own BATHROOM, and big grocery stores!! Being out of the country actually made me thankful to be American despite all the hangups I have with our country including the fact that we have an ignorant stinky monkey sitting in the white house. I have to say, I was going through some definite cycling withdrawals and getting the angst because everyone was racing BUT me! Unfortunately, my wrist is still not up to snuff so I can’t mountain bike for awhile. I am going to go to Brianhead, wrist healed or not. I need another Norba Nat on my resume or Titus is going to disown me. Next year it’s on! I can’t wait for the race season. Hopefully I can do some damage for collegiate racing.

I move in just a MONTH. It’s crazy. I’m poor, I’m moving. That’s what I think about. It sucks to be back at work rotting away, but it’s nice to sit on my ass since I was walking like 10 hours a day! I didn’t get to hear much about the Tour when I was in Europe. I guess a lot of those chodes are above it. I can’t wait to watch some of it. Hell yeah! Maybe there will be a shot of Jan Ulrich’s butt. MMM MMM OH JANNY! 😉 ha

I am about to buy a laptop for grad school…see, told ya I’m poor! I’m going to get a Powerbook. I’ve always used PCs, but it’s time to move on to something else. No more Bill Gates! I am stoked it’s FRIDAY and I get to leave work in ONE hour. I am really looking forward to riding this weekend, seeing the fam, and of course ADAM!

Hopefully Monday I’ll have some digital pics and maybe a few stories for yous. LATA!

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