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Yes sir

By January 28, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I’ve been riding with big, fat Continental Mountain King 2.4s on my hard tail and then do rides that mix dirt and road climbing.  They are slow going on the road, and I laughed to myself as a guy on a Cervelo with teeny tiny road tires blew by me in Sunshine Canyon yesterday, and rightfully so.  I think the 2.4s are like 10 road tires!  Pushing a little more weight uphill is good training for my purposes… and Sunday’s ride will involve a backpack with weight.  I’ll be pushing a 50 lb bike+ for 500 miles on the Colorado Trail in August, I better start with an extra 10 or so pounds now!  Today, I’ll be back to the flats to work on power.  I’m definitely feeling some fatigue after the time off, and I’m still not 100% healthy.  There is some lingering stuff, but it’s gotta go away.  I’m keeping a close eye on it.

We are having a couple of lovely, sunny, mild days before the snow hits again on Monday, so I’m taking full advantage, and so thankful for my health!



Don’t worry, there will be more cold white stuff.


Lickskillet still has snow on it, and is slick. Be careful!!! I took a nasty crash down one of the canyons on some snow/ice last year, so I’m overly cautious this year.

or stick to the pavement. It felt so good to actually feel the warmth of the sun on my face yesterday! Once you go downhill, the air bites you again to remind you.

After being off the bike for a little while, my metabolism is going nuts!! I’m so hungry! I had to alter my ride yesterday because I thought I might run out of food and didn’t want to be out in the middle of nowhere and bonking. Today, I’ll pack an extra PowerBar. I’m digging the Nut Naturals right now.

I hope he has good news for us tomorrow. Maybe spring will come early… the 60F day we are having today is quite the tease! If not, I’ll have to catch him and eat him. Nom nom nom….

TGIF! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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