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Yesterday-recovery ride. Today-ROAD TRIP!!

By January 22, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Yep, today is the day that Mr. Kerkove and I are heading to Camp Lynda. It’s going to be a 9 hour drive, but Jeff and I always have a great time.

Yesterday was a day to spin the legs out. It was almost 70! (I know…it be crazy.) And don’t worry, it’s going to snow this weekend- good thing I won’t be here. Kind of like a fling-it was good while it lasted, but you gotta come back to reality sometime. hehe It was pretty windy out with 25mph constant wind. Good for wind power if it’s always like that where you live.

Some photos for you-

I like to ride my road bike on the dirt. 🙂



The sun was just right, and I am obsessed with shadows, so I attempted to quickly be artistic. I bet these would have been cool if I spent more time… or if I had more photography talent!


And the Flatirons…

We have had an update. Kerkove HAS confirmed it. We are staying near the IHOP. Am I surprised? Um, no.


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