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Yoann Barelli will make you smile. One word used to describe him by many is that he is a character. He is known for his enduro mountain bike prowess, his super fun clown-like antics, his great coaching, photography, and also his environmental efforts of lately to raise money and also pick up trash. Yoann is seen as a positive and outspoken person on the Professional Circuit as you’ve no doubt seen on his YouTube Channel and Instagram. He is also a Dad!  Yoann’s focus has been on enduro and crushing the EWS series around the world.  

He says, “I want to make you laugh, to motivate you, to give you joy, to be this kick on the ass when you need it, by being me, through my own life experiences!”  At first glance, his infectious laughter and energy will entertain you but there are many dimensions to Yoann.  In this episode, he even talked about the spiritual side of his life which he doesn’t talk about that much! For Yoann, being alive is about being unapologetically true to yourself, it’s about making a difference, and of course- having tons of fun along the way and bringing others with you!   

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • mountain bike life beginnings
  • injury comeback
  • career evolution
  • be yourself
  • spiritual side
  • breathwork
  • what does it mean to be barelli
  • how does yoann stay positive
  • dealing with nerves and pressure
  • trash pick up
  • plant-based and the environment
  • being a dad
  • listener Qs

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