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You gotta want it

By February 12, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Have you ever wanted something so bad that it’s all you can think about? You felt like it had to happen because you want it that bad? This is just how I’ve been feeling lately. This will be my first year as a professional mountain biker… no, this doesn’t mean that I am getting paid to ride my bike, that I can quit my school/job, or that I’m any good for that matter. It means I have to get my butt kicked into the ground my first year so I can get better and pay lots and lots of money for travel and entry fees that somehow USA Cycling manages to store away in king size mattresses somewhere… Get my butt kicked by derriere extradonaires(seen Zoolander?) who actually get paid to train, drink fabulous coffee, travel, and ride their bike for a living. These people are my heroes…they are who I want to be and when I read about them, gives me goosebumps in hopes that someday I will be like them. This lifestyle is very hard to come by, especially due to the low extrema on the sponsorship rollercoaster lately. It’s also haunting that I will be finishing my master’s degree next year in engineering….meaning I will be expected to grow up and work a full time job as an engineer. Granted school is more than a full time job since it takes up your days, nights, AND weekends…but the charm of school is that it offers me the flexibility so I feel that not all is lost… it gives me day hours to train and wee hours of the morning to study. It’s all I can think about lately…I can’t even sleep at night because I want so bad to train and do what I love for a living! I guess that pesky bug in Boulder has bitten me and I want to be like all the other high rollin’ pros. 🙂 It is commonly known that when you want something so bad, it means you have to make sacrifices… some sacrifices that your head would tell you in a second are not logical, but your heart is screaming at you to do the opposite. So what’s a person to do? Anyway, just thought I’d add something to my blog that isn’t terribly sarcastic.

I’ve been busy with school and training. My classes are no doubt a mountain of work with one homework assignment in one class taking 15-20 hours a week. That’s what I call fun. Training has been going well although the weather in Boulder has been like a woman trying to go on a diet. There are the good days where the sun is shining and things go just as you want them to…and there are the bad. Where the wind is howling or it’s snowing…and things don’t go as well for you. For those of you who thought winter in Boulder is bad, think again! It’s actually pretty nice save the crazy wind. I am happy to report that I got to start climbing again. It’s just so much more fun then a flat, windy road. Another bout of GREAT news! I sold my ’05 Titus and am ordering my new PIMPIN bike tomorrow. The new 06 Titus Racer-X frame is pretty sweet. It’s lighter with carbon in the rear triangle. I also am getting XTR components AND disc brakes this year. I better learn how to ride a bike before race season! 😉 I am definitely missing the mountain biking…it’s been quite awhile. I’m getting sick of the road. things are going to heat up soon. My first race will be here before I can lose the extra 5 lbs I picked up this winter! We have our first collegiate race march 4-5. Colorado road racing picks up in April–lots of crits. I better learn how to do that stuff soon. All I know how to do is ride uphill to get away from the pack because I don’t like being stuck behind someone’s wheel. Speaking of road…. DANG!! I want a new road bike. I got some great offers on some sweet bikes, but alas, I am a poor graduate student who is even wondering how she’ll pay for race entries this year! If anyone has like 2 grand they feel like donating to me, I would be very grateful! 🙂 I’ve been obsessing about going to Sea Otter. Although it would be likely to be my debut as a pro racer and probably yield bad results, it would be so fun to be part of a huge UCI event such as this one. My dilemma is school! There is a homework assignment I’d have to turn in very early…yes, one of the 20 hour homeworks that are impossible to do alone. What to do? I’ve already checked plane tickets, driving hours, the works!! If anyone is an expert in soft switching and resonant converters, give me a shout out!

Adam came to visit last weekend and it was great. Naturally he demonstrated his talented,superhuman strength on the bike, frollicking up hills in what would be my hardest gear where I would be in my easiest gear, struggling just to turn it over. As much as he denies it, those legs are supercharged. Maybe it’s those cookies he likes to eat so much.

Anyway, just thought I’d say howdy to my two fans that actually read my blog. See ya!

Here are a few more pics I got from collegiate nats. Not my most glamorous, but fun!

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