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One of my favorite sayings is that limits live in our minds.  Today’s guest is all about helping people confront and overcome their own limiting beliefs by helping them understand what lens they are choosing to see the world.  Rob Scott has had a very interesting life from being homeless with substance-abuse problems, to getting back on track and having a great career, to riding the roller coaster of a cancer diagnosis.  What’s Rob up to now?  He is a personal development coach, hosts his own Mastermind and Fundamental Shift Coaching Community.  He is passionate about helping people shift their identity to achieve big goals and personal fulfillment.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Why your comfort zone isn’t comfortable
  • Lenses to overcome self-limited beliefs
  • Challenging your bias
  • questions to ask yourself about identity
  • why affirmations don’t work
  • cause/effect of self-fulfilling prophecies work
  • lense for imposter syndrome, self-worth, and procrastination


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